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My name is Jack Kelly, and as a criminal defence lawyer with more than 23 years of experience defending clients in Alberta’s criminal justice system, I recognize and understand the importance of an open, straightforward relationship with my clients. Straight answers to hard questions. Perhaps that is why many of my clients remember the number of my office by heart, even long after their cases have been resolved.

This is the approach I employ in my practice as JJ Kelly Barrister, which allows me to offer the most candid and realistic advice while getting to the heart of the matter. I will find the best defence for each client, whether it requires a complete and total attack on the prosecutions case, keeping evidence out of the trial, or a finely crafted resolution through a negotiated disposition. My goal is to vigorously defend you, your reputation, and your rights and your freedom.

I am a trial lawyer. If you are being prosecuted, or under investigation, I will approach your case knowing how it will look to the judge or the jury. From the minute a client retains me, I begin building your defence. The best defence comes from thorough preparation and knowledge of the law. Criminal Law is the most important kind of law for anyone who is accused of a crime. You may be facing a jail sentence, or at a minimum, a criminal record. That is why choosing a lawyer who delivers the most experience and knowledge of the law is the most important decision you make when you face criminal charges. I make sure that my clients are confident they did made the right decision when they retain me.

My clients know that they have retained a determined advocate who is going to look after their best interest at every stage of the court process. You need  confidence in your lawyer as you face prosecution in a court of law.

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